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Vegetable Store


We are a small, family owned catering company + food truck out of Dallas, TX.

We whole-heartedly believe in the magic of bringing people together through delicious food and beautiful gatherings to create memorable moments. It is our belief that good food should be accessible and approachable to all, while still being brilliant, bold and delicious!

Our chefs create visually stunning menus that showcase the bounty and freshness of each season and are sure to make your special occasion stand apart.

Lastly, we are committed to using our craft to give back and "feed" our community in the same way it nourishes us, by supporting local growers and artisan producers through our focus on seasonal & sustainable ingredients. 

Our Mission


  • We are committed to supporting responsible supply chains

  • 90% of our ingredients are from Texas

  • Although several of our farmers are not certified organic, they use organic regenerative practices such as crop rotation, and they do not use any of the sprays that are allowed in organic certification

  • Our meats are all pasture-raised from small farms, and our fish is wild, seasonal, and caught by hook and line

  • Most of our produce is farm direct delivery and organic, or it is from small farms using organic practices

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