About Us


We’re hitting the road…

destination? The streets of Dallas!


We are a two time consecutive winner at 'the Food Truck Championship of Texas' and we've been proudly serving the Dallas/Ftw area as Executive Chefs & restaurant consultants for nearly 20 years!

Nosh Box eatery is a Chef driven, locally sourced, & seasonally inspired food truck & catering company. 


our mission...

do things better


wen wanted to focus on all the things we'd learned and taken from many years of industry experience. We were always asking ourselves "what if...?" 


-what if we could create a concept that offered all the things missing from a typical dining experience? 


-what if we could overcome the most common challenges that restaurants face day to day?


-what if we could provide consistently amazing service as a standard for our guests?


-what if we could honor the people in our industry that are never given the credit, yet vital to the food we serve?


what if we could do it better? 

Nosh box eatery food truck & catering co. was born out of our desire to offer our community and guests, all the things we felt were necessary for an amazing food experience!


through our commitment to using locally sourced ingredients and artisan goods, to developing relationships with farmers, producers and other small businesses in our community, to creating a service model that required us to always go the extra mile for our guests...we want to 'do better!'


We truly believe that food brings people together and we strive to create special moments and memories through our craft and concept.






 "Best Menu" 2017 "Best Design" 2018

Winner -> "BEST MENU" 2017

Winner -> "BEST CONCEPT 

& DESIGN" 2018